Trouble adding Z-wave blinds controllers

I recently added a C-7 Hub to my home to control my automated window shades. I followed the directions to exclude each shade from the Somfy controller, then excluded the Somfy controller itself. I then began the process to include each of my 7 shades in the Hubitat Hub. The first two added fine, following the recommended procedure. Following that same procedure, I cannot get any of the other shades to add. Those shades are as close or closer to my hub than the first two, so distance is not the problem.
Any ideas? I have ordered a Z-wave repeater to help, but can't imagine that after only two devices the system would be overwhelmed.
I have also tried rebooting the Hub.
Barb S.

Do a hub shutdown and then pull power for 30 seconds, then power it back up. That's the only way to restart the zwave radio.

Sometimes pairing will get the radio jammed up, especially if it fails for some reason.

If they support Smart-Start that is actually much easier, they will pair on their own once you add the code in the Hubitat mobile app. Just make sure to tap on the entry in Smart Start and uncheck the security options if you want to pair without security.

That worked, thank you! I just added one more. It looks like I may have to do the shutdown between each controller, but hey, if it works... I will do it.

Make sure you are waiting about 1-2 minutes after pairing so it can go through all its configure stuff and the zwave settles down. Especially before shutting down so you dont skip part of the configuration.

Actually, I spoke too soon. After getting the 3rd one to pair (and operate correctly), logging out of the hub and resetting with over 60 seconds without power, I have not successfully added any more of the controllers. I do have a z-wave repeater on the way, am hoping that helps.

After 2 days I finally found the one missing thing. For each shade, besides doing the exclude process on the shade itself, I also needed to have the Hubitat program exclude that shade first, then I would turn around and do the inclusion process for the shade and it worked. All 8 shades now recognized!

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