Triple Light Switch

Hi there, I am fairly new to Hubitat and found this forum super helpful so thank you, This is my first post so forgive me if its a pain or in the wrong place.

I am after a Zigbee triple light switch, (Hall, Landing and Porch) and am struggling to find something that might work. I did find this Sonoff T0-3 on Amazon which looks like what I might need, but I cannot find any reference to them on this forum or elsewhere.

Has anyone seen anyone use them or can they recommend a reliable light switch brand for the UK?


The sonoff's tx range is wifi only. Here is a zigbee version but god knows if it will work, might be work a punt.

Before you go any further most of these wall switches need a neutral. Do you have a neutral in you wall switch? and also how deep is your back box?

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I've have this working ok

¥18.69 40%OFF | Zigbee 3.0 EU Push Switches Wall Light Switch Compatible with SmartThing Hub APP Phone One Gang Two Gangs Three Gangs Option


I've just set one of the single gang version of this up and it works well just changed device driver to Generic Zigbee switch and everything appears the moment.


Thanks Jon - going to try with a single first and take it from there!