Triggering Variable Updates with Periodic Schedule

Two questions...if anyone can answer the first, I can probably answer the second myself.

Question 1: Is there an in-depth area of the wiki that thoroughly explains each option available in HE? Example, when using "Periodic Schedule" as a trigger event, the MINUTES option has an optional switch for "> EVERY n MINUTES." There are similar switches for other time intervals as well.
I think I've figured out the difference between these two options, but official documentation would be nice if available.

Question 2: In the example above, I get the following two triggers based on the switch selection.

I'm assuming that the first will trigger at 00:00, 00:05, 00:10, 00:15 ... 23:55 each day. Another possibility would be that it would trigger at 00:00, 01:05, 02:05 ... 23:05, although this is more "hourly" than "minutely." My assumption is that the second trigger will trigger every 5 minutes, depending on when the first event occurred. For example, if the first trigger occurs at 00:03, subsequent events would trigger at 00:08, 00:13, and so on.

Question #2 answered! The first option allows the selection of which precise minutes you want the trigger to run. For example, if I wanted to run every five minutes but EXCLUDE the first 15 minutes of the hour, I could individually select only numbers 20, 25, 30...55 and leave 0, 5, 10 and 15 unchecked.

Still looking for help on #1 but not holding my breath.