Triggering action from second switch input of Aeotec Nano dimmer

The Aeotec Nano Dimmer has a second switch input, generally used for two-way switching, however it can also be configured to trigger other Z-Wave devices through Associations. When I used Smartthings, I was able to setup an association to let me trigger a Smart plug for example.

Is there any way to trigger HE behaviours from the second switch? For example, trigger Rule Machine when the second switch is pressed/toggled or is the lack of support for associations in HE going to kill this?

It's not HEs fault it a lack of functionality in the device associations bypass the hub. If you want this you can use the Fibaro dimmer 2 as that creates scenes they can then be converted to buttons.

You can use association to turn on a z-wave switch and then fire from there but it's a waste of a switch.