Trigger when door is closed - Bathroom

I was sitting here thinking about how my home is automated and I realize that no one has mentioned something happening when a door is closed. During the night, we have only a light strip turn on when we enter the bathroom. Just enough to see what you're doing, but not light up the whole house. Our bathroom is equipped with 6 - 5000k light bulbs. Yah - no zit unpopped in our house. We have lots of lights in the bathroom. But, there are some things that require more light. Showering, for one, in the morning when the spouse is still sleeping happens a lot as my husband starts work 1 hour before I do.

To remedy this, I set it up so that when the contact sensor on the door is closed, the light turns on and will stay on until the door is opened. Then it immediately shuts off unless mode is Home. I thought I'd post this little reverse scenario for others that might be considering this type of automation, but aren't quite sure how it would work.

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When our house is in sleep mode and there is motion in the bathroom the LED bar from the inovelli Red dinner comes on at 80% white.

It’s just enough light to make your way around without stubbing your toe.

My wife first told me it wouldn’t be a bright enough nightlight. Then she told me I needed to bring it down from 100%

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