Trigger Rule Ignores Restriction

This trigger rule is triggering every time the Lux level drops <40 and is completely ignoring the rule restrictions. The rule fires multiple times after 6pm. I finally paused it.

Sunset-30 would be 7:11 PM EDT. It's an impossible restriction so it's probably being ignored.

Because it is between sunset-30 and 6 PM likely supposed to be 6am?

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I probably did a stupid pet trick here.

If Sunset is at 6pm, isn't sunset - 30 minutes 5:30pm?

Thanks all. It just clicked. I need to either make the second part of the restriction relative to the first part or pick a time where Sunset won't run AFTER the end time.

I guess that explains why it worked in the winter....

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Yeah, but DST throws the hub for a loop. I had this happen to a bunch of my rules as well that I had to go and fix. Support is aware of it, so it should be fixed when DST ends.