Trigger read current states from device (Gledopto RF Zigbee Controller and wall RGB RF Remote)


I have a Gledopto Zigbee/RF RGB controller. GL-C-008P. Those come with an RGB RF remote with an easy RBG slider that pair directly with the controller
I can control the RGB light strip just fine from both Hubitat and the RF Remote.

The thing is when I use the remote to change hue, level, etc. states the controller does not send the new values to hubitat. The hubitat device page current states on the right do not update, when I change the values via the RF remote.
I would like to write an automation that mirrors the RGB strip and syncs some other zigbee only bulbs to the same settings to create a scene.

Is there a way to get hubitat to read the current HSL states (after they have changed) from the Gledopto Controller?
I tried Rule Machine, Mirror and Webcore.


I have just read this thread and I was wondering if you finally managed to do this.


nope could't solve it and moved on.


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