Trigger lights on specific days with virtual switch

I've had this for a few weeks now, and have most things working the way i want.

Here is my current problem.
When I hit the virtual switch "Good Morning", I want certain lights to activate on weekdays and others on weekends. I trigger it with my google home when I'm getting out of bed and it is giving me my info for the day.
It works on Mondays and Saturdays and it shows it is also triggering on the others, but nothing turns on.
I think I have to make it reset every day, but I can't seem to figure out how.


I accomplished this by using a RM action, which has restrictions in it. I have a Pico I press every morning and night to change mode to day or night. Then I have a set of actions that run with restrictions and the proper one executes based on those restrictions.

In your case you can create Weekday and Weekend actions to turn on the specific lights. Then in the restrictions section select the days of the week to run. I would probably just delete this rule and create a Trigger where Good Morning is on and select both actions to run.

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Do you have the virtual switch turning off on it's own? You can set that in the device settings for the virtual switch. That's the easiest way to make sure that your good morning switch is set back to a default state.


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Wow, well spotted. That's why it's only working on Mon and Sat.

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I've played with restrictions on RM with separate days, but never got it to work.
I've also have modes that change from day to night.


Yes, my switch is already set to turn off in 5 seconds.

The image you pasted is a rule. Where's the trigger? What's triggering the rule?

I have a virtual switch that I hit to trigger it. The virtual switch is set to automatically turn off 5 seconds after it is triggered.

Yeah, but where is the rule that contains the trigger? That's what I need to see.

So, for instance:

I don't have another rule, just what I have posted above and the virtual switch.
That is probably what I'm missing then.
I thought the rule i had was the trigger and everything in one. The way I was reading stuff, the conditions and rules in that should of taken care of everything.
Guess not.

Nope. Rules need either something to trigger on or to be triggered by.

Convert it over to a Triggered Rule and trigger on your virtual switch turning on. That should solve your issue. :slight_smile:

OK, will give it a try.

That seems to of fixed it.

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