Trigger if motion active for more than X minutes

@saurabh9 Mode in [Day, Evening] is false so the condition fails and is skipped. No Wait was started at 8:18:33. What's odd, though, is shared bath motion is inactive at 8:24:41 and again at 8:25:43. I don't see it going active between these two events.

Ah, OK so in this particular case I was in the wrong day mode :man_facepalming: ... Will test again next time. Not sure what happened there though for the inactive/active observation you made.

I would clone then pause this rule. Then I would remove the Mode in [] from the cloned rule and change the time to something like 1 or 2 minutes to show that this rule does work.

In the logs, if you click on dev:24 it should list only your motion sensor. Can you see multiple instance of either activity-activity or inactivity-inactivity?

Yes, I see my motion sensor instances, but if there is no motion, isn't it expected to continue to get "inactive" events in sequence?


My motion sensors only report when the state changes. I don't get multiple reports of the same state. It looks like your inactive events are reporting about 1:03 between 8:24 and 8:32, also between 7:37 and 7:38, but there is a 40:24 gap between the inactive and active. Not sure why it didn't continue to report every 1:03 in that time period. Your logs don't show what I would expect to see from a motion sensor.

The next release of RM will include the feature to do this natively in triggers.


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