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I want to set a simple rule to have lights turn on at home when I'm on holiday. If I set the trigger to mode=holiday, and a conditional action for time, would that work every day or would that only trigger on changing to the holiday mode. Does the trigger need to be time instead?

It has to have time included if you wish the lights to go on / off at given times of the day.

Here's a rule I created with a similar goal.

I wanted the lights to go off at 10:30 when the mode was NOT "PartyMode"
And go off at 1:00 AM when the mode is "PartyMode"

You could create a mode named "Holiday"

Add steps to do what you want if the mode = Holiday.

Then when you set the Holiday mode these actions will happen every day.

Thanks for the reply.
So if I want to do both a turn on and turn off (not by just setting a delay) will I have to have 2 rules, one for triggering at sunset (to turn on) and one to trigger at 22h00 (to turn off), both with a conditional action to check for mode=holiday? Or is there a way of doing that in 1 rule? I don't want to use a delay to turn off as that can vary off times wildly between summer and winter.

Below is what I would like to do but I don't know if HE would allow that continued checking or only once on the trigger

Your rule as written will only be triggered at sunset+30. The nested IF for 21:30 will not fire unless sunset+30 turns out to be that specific time which is highly unlikely. The below rule should work, It's really late/early here and I haven't tested this though. Obviously you would replace Away with Holiday. This also doesn't take into account if Sunset+30 happens to occur at 9:30PM or later which could be a possibility.

There’s At Home Simulator by @bptworld if you’d like an App solution.

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That sounds perfect. I'll give it a look. :smiley:
But at least I understand triggers better now.

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