Trigger fan on at low temp, trigger off at higher temp?


Good luck! Let us know if it works.


Looks like we have partial success - one full cycle of the fan turning on and off. Turning on was set for 80 and it didn't actually turn on until it hit 110 which seems a little strange (110 is set to only trigger an off condition). It did meet my upper limit (130) and when it came back down to 110 it did turn off.

Is there any way to see the current state of a PB outside of the logs? That would make troubleshooting this a little easier.


Unfortunately no. What is your trigger value for setting Trigger #1's PB back to True?


I believe that if you check the rule’s settings page, the current PB state is reflected in parentheses next to the toggle switch for “enable/disable with PB.” Below are screenshots from the restrictions sections of two rules that I use to control two portable humidifier setpoints. I use PB to ensure that only one of them is active at a given time.


Here are my 4 rules to try and make this work:

when the temperature reaches 85 I can hear the outlet cycle on and off every degree change until it hits 110 and kicks on and stays on:


Am I missing something?


What is the current Rule Boolean state for Triggers 1 and 2? I told you that you would have to go through one cycle to get the rule boolean correct for both of them and that it wouldn't work the first time.

Do you have the restriction turned on to enable disable by Private Boolean? You have to enable that, it's not on by default. Its under "restrictions".


I can't see the Boolean state. It doesn't show up anywhere.

I do not have the restriction turned on to enable/disable with private boolean. I'll turn that on for rules 1 and 2

EDIT- after turning the restriction on I can see the PB status.

Rule 1 - False
Rule 2 - True


And you have to go through one sequence of the fan turning on to get the PB correct after turning on the restriction. You still are in the setup phase.


We have success! Turning the restrictions on for these triggers fixed my on/off rules. Everything works now. Thank you all for your help!