Trigger based on Thermostat Scheduler Period?

I have Thermostat Scheduler using "Time Periods" (eg: Wake, Night), but is it possible for rules to trigger when those periods change or even check the current period?

I know I can trigger based on modes but I'm fine scheduling setpoints and time in Scheduler. I can have separate schedulers per floor but I don't it's possible to have different modes per floor as there can only be one current mode.

Yes, you can create rules that will change modes or variable values that can be used by other apps.

If I don't use modes, can rules trigger based only on Thermostat Scheduler Periods?
Modes are not that flexible since it seems like there can be only be one Mode at any time while multiple Thermostat Schedulers allows for independent Periods.

An alternative to use the Thermostat scheduler would be to setup rules in Rule Machine.

You could use DateTime Hub variables to both define the periods in Thermostat Scheduler and as Triggers in rules.

This works. It would require a lot of variables to be created:
n schedulers x m periods x 2 (weekday/weekend)