Trigger an app via alexa

I cannot figure out how since alexa doesn't see apps. tried virtual switch ,scene etc but apps are not an option
I have a denon amp with a blunode 2i set up and use an app to turn them on when it is time to wake up and off when I leave for work. I would like to trigger the app via alexa when I am home during off hours. Alexa doesn't see the node2i through the hub ( or otherwise )so I cannot even set up a routine in alexa ( don't even bring up the bluvoice skill )
I don't even see a way to trigger apps/scenes with a dashboard button. unless I am missing something this seems like a huge oversight

virtual switches for the win!!!

Alexa sees / controls the switch
Hubitat does what you need when switch changes


Unless I am misunderstanding your question, RM will most certainly do this, but so will things like the button controller app. Maybe I'm not getting what you're trying to do.

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There are a couple steps. Alexa app must be in Hubitat. In Hubitat, create a virtual contact sensor. In Hubitat create whatever rule, program, automation you want just be sure the virtual contact sensor is at least one of the actions. Either open or close this (as an action, your preference) just add a reset to change It back. In the Alexa app be sure to add the virtual contact sensor so that Alexa can "see" it.
Now create your routine in Alexa to do what ever you want using the virtual contact sensor (open or close) as the trigger.
Alexa can trigger any Hubitat devices she can "see" without this extra step. But if needed you could reverse the process.
(Alexa triggering the contact to open/close and that triggering whatever action you want in Hubitat)

I have it set up to run automatically at set times every day in RM. rules are not accessible as a button on the dashboard nor are the exposed to alexa. So there is no way to trigger the rule except by the rule itself. The dashboards only do switches and groups of switches, Alexa only sees compatible devices on hubitat and node2i isn't one of them ( she can only control it through a buggy skill ) but if she could trigger the rule...

While the rule itself is not accessible via a button it's easy to configure a button as a trigger in a rule...

But you can just as easily trigger a rule based on a switch, then expose the switch to Alexa and have Alexa turn on the switch. I would make the virtual switch turn itself off automatically...

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I think I see. Although I am not familiar with node21. I think you want Alexa to trigger your rule, perhaps with a voice command. Otherwise HE can trigger it with, well anything else (time, event, sensors... anything).
I believe you can create a routine in Alexa to, for instance, "Alexa, Run executive order 66", and with that, trigger the virtual contact sensor mentioned earlier. Within Hubitat use that contact sensor a trigger to run your rule.

alexa can only control one of the devices through a skill so no routines. I think I get what you are saying thou. make a virtual contact that alexa triggers that then triggers the rule. wouldn't it be better if they just allowed alexa or dash buttons to see the "run action" button in RM

You can use a virtual switch as a rule "Trigger Event". Be sure to set "Enable Auto Off" in the virtual switch to something other than disabled. I use 500ms.
Something like this:

Virtual Switch on
Time of day = hh:mm
run rule actions


Here is an example of an HE rule triggering an Alexa action. I use HE virtual contact sensors because Alexa can see them. For whatever reason I have trouble getting virtual buttons or switches to be used as Alexa triggers. Although they populate in her device list, they don't show as triggers.
They (switches) will work as triggers FROM Alexa to HE to trigger HE routines.
This one I just set as a test. It worked. I say "Alexa test the thing" she turned on the HE virtual switch which turned on the light. After a few seconds the Alexa routine switched the switch off and the HE then turned the light off. Perfect.