Trigger action from an SMS or email

I finally ditched Vera Light. And the transition was easier than I thought. :slight_smile: I’m really starting to like Hubitat (and I design agriculture telemetry and automation systems for a living).

I want to use an SMS or email notification sent from our Ag system to trigger actions in Hubitat. In particular to a Rachio device.

I used to use the Gmail/IFFT integration. But that’s gone.

Any suggestions?

Maybe an RPi and something like this:

Then you could write some scripts to handle the results and then call the maker api.

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Does Rachio still support IFTTT? If so, you can look at my app that uses IFTTT and webhooks.

With this you have the event in Hubitat and then you can do whatever you want with it (notification, sms, lights, etc.)

*edit: By the way, this app won't work for your purpose without modifications. I was supplying it as an option that didn't require a lot of work.

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I'm not sure I follow. I don't want to issue an SMS/email. I want to trap an SMS/email coming from a different system. And, then, when that SMS/email comes in, trigger an action/rule in Hubitat.

Before, I had the IFTTT Gmail applet read my Gmail inbox in search of the right string. And when that string ("Start watering!") was found in an unread email, it would trigger a Rachio zone. But Google disabled the IFTTT Gmal reading applet...

Oh, I definitely misunderstood.

  • You could use a RPi as suggested by erktrek.
  • You could also use the RAW socket client and implement simple email functionality with it. I'm not sure that Gmail supports IMAP anymore using an app password though. It might all be moved over to OAuth now or whatever.
  • You could write a HE app that would use a Google project to OAuth and request permission to read/manage email... and do it that way.
  • You could sacrifice an Android phone and use Tasker.

I guess you have a few options but none of them are very short or straight forward wins.

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I use a simple Batch file, activated when an email arrives in MS Outlook, to turn on a momentary switch via maker api
I use this for an announcement that an email has arrived.
I’m sure (if you have an always on PC) you could do something similar.


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