Trigger a rule at a specific time on a specific day - RM4.x


Anyone know how to trigger a rule that fires at say 5am on 12 August using RM4.x to change a boolean Global Variable

Can't use RM5 as is does not support Global Variables and don't want to re-write all the Rules that use the same Global Variable.

The only way I can see to do it is to use RM5 so you can use the Specific Date/Time Trigger. Which means setting up a Hub Variable then a Connector to the Hub Variable then have RM5 update the Hub Variable - which will update the Connector and have a Rule using RM4.x to Trigger off a Connector Device change that will update the Global variable.

But that is really messy and massively over kill for a simple - Change HolidayMode from True to False at 5am on 12 Aug.

Actually found it in Periodic - Yearly - so all good :slight_smile: