Treat Zigbee RGBW as just RGB?

Good evening. This is probably a question that's been answered many times, but my searching is failing me. I'm late getting into the RGB LEDs game, so forgive me if this is somewhat common knowledge. I have a GIDERWEL "RGBCCT" controller (Amazon -> /gp/product/B07FTD9H7T/) and it's detected (correctly, I think) as a generic ZigBee RGBW light. The thing is - I only have RGB hooked up to it, so I don't think any of the "temperature" controls (and maybe other things?) apply. It's working, but the dashboard widget (as well as the HomeKit device exposed via Maker API -> homebridge) has a "Temperature" control that if it's messed with/adjusted, the lights just turn off. I'm guessing this works by either sending voltage down the RGB wires or the C/W wires?

So, long story long ... is there a way to have this device exposed purely as an RGB light, not an RGBW? Any downsides, if so?

Thanks so much in advance & for your patience reading through this. Much obliged.


"Generic Zigbee RGB Light" would be a similar driver without the color temperature commands, though the RGBW driver would work just as well if you just ignore those commands and attributes. I can't think of any downsides except that the device may still try to send color temperature reports to the hub/driver, which will be ignored, but hitting "Configure" might help with that after you switch drivers (and it shouldn't really cause problems either way).

This should help with HomeKit. I just tested Dashboard and it looks like the "Color Bulb" template also hides the color temperature slider if the bulb doesn't report CT capabilities (I'm not sure how long that's been the case or if I just never tested this before...), so that should be good, too!

Thank you! Did you mean to write "Generic Zigbee RGB Light"? I assume so, as it defaults to RGBW light.

Yep, sorry! Fixed that typo.

No worries, thanks!

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