Transient Trigger

This just fired off for no apparent reason:

app:652020-06-14 10:42:32.030 pm debugExecuting command: on on device: Front Door Switch
app:652020-06-14 10:42:31.967 pm debugfindDevice called
app:652020-06-14 10:42:31.965 pm debugsendDeviceCommand called

Front Door Switch is a virtual switch that is triggered by Apple HomeKit. That device is reflected up into Apple HomeKit via the HOOBS homebridge and the homebridge-hubitat-makerapi plugin.

I didn't see anything in my Home app indicating that anything happened, but unfortunately there isn't any logging in HomeKit, at least not that I am aware of.

What is sendDeviceCommand?

What is app:65? Your MakerAPI instance for HomeBridge? Do you have any HomeKit automations (e.g., in the Home app) set up that involve this device, maybe turning on at a specific time or based on presence? I'm also not aware of logging for HomeKit, but HOOBS might show you a bit more (may or may not be helpful), or at least the similar UI X that I am using does.

Yes app:65 is the MakerAPI instance. I have an HK automation that sets that switch when motion is detected at the front door. The motion detection component is from a EufyCam 2. Maybe EufyCam fired off the motion detection but didn't fire its own notification. I got this from Eufy support two days ago, "Homekit regulations require all Homekit accessories to report every motion detections". The EufyCam has logic to cut down on false positives but maybe due to the HomeKit requirements the motion sensor will trigger even when the Eufy system doesn't trigger a notification on my phone. I'll see if I can get an answer to that question.

A deer was causing this on my other camera this morning. The EufyCam 2 is firing the HomeKit motion sensor but not it's own notification system in its app. For the motion sensor that Eufy manages for HomeKit integration it's ignoring its AI which is set to human only. I might need to find another way to trigger into Hubitat, e.g. try its Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant integration but I don't know what issues I'd run into. I have an investment into a RPi for HOOBS hombridge and Apple TV for the HomeKit that I hope I don't have to abandon. The original post was motivated by motion on my back camera. That is in an enclosed screened in area with a motion zone so there shouldn't be any motion there and that might not be the same issue.

As far as I have been able to determine the motion sensor Eufy integrates into HomeKit does not filter its triggers by Eufy's AI or motion zones. This causes false alarms into Hubitat (via homebridge). Apparently Eufy does this because of HomeKit Secure Video which is supposed to provide its own AI. I might have to abandon my investment in EufyCam and switch to another camera system. The main reason I choose EufyCam was because of its AI and motion zones, but those are not in play when triggering Eufy's HomeKit motion sensor. An alternative might be to tape off the camera to manually provide motion zones.