Tradfri vintage bulb works fine

Just picked up a couple of these for the bedroom. I had to do the factory reset dance to get them to discover, but no issues after that. I'll try to get a pic tonight (pending boss approval) to demonstrate the brightness. They aren't super bright. I think they'll be fine for reading in bed.

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Thanks! These do look nice.

Ooh, that's very cool. So is it zigbee?

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Hey @ScottB

Any advice on "The Dance"?

I've got loads of ikea bulbs, and thought i had it down pretty well, but i just can't get this one to re-set...


@bwousley it's been a while now and I don't remember "the dance". Something like power cycling the bulb 3 times quickly. So, the bulb will need to be on a switch of some sort. Still really enjoying the temperature and brightness of the edison bulb!

Thanks @ScottB

I re-set ikea bulbs with the power cycling all the time. just can;t get this one to work... :frowning: Thanks though,

Just For information. It works now! :slight_smile: Literally no idea what i did differently, Just tried it again because... well why not!? Paired first time...

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