Tradfri bulbs

Does the hub work with the Ikea Tradfri bulbs yet? I use the E12 candalabra bulbs. Right now they are paired directly to the ST hub and not through Hue.

I have similar bulbs and am about do try to pair them with Hubitat when I reach home later tonight.
Could you please share your experience with them?

Sorry for the late response. They paired easily. They showed up as a device, so just change the type to “Zigbee White Color Temperature Bulb”

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I just tried and got the same outcome. Thanks!

BTW, do the Level Up and Level Down buttons work for you, on these bulbs? That’s the only feature that doesn’t work for me.
I am able to set the level manually (using Set Level) though.

I honestly only use these bulbs for automation. I have them come on at full brightness when motion is detected. I’m not at home right now but I will try later to see if dimming works.

How did you get the Ikea bulbs into pairing mode? I've only ever used them with their proprietary hub.

Power on/off 6 times.

You'll see a flash and then they'll go to max brightness. Then they're ready to be paired. I've found this easier by plugging/unplugging while screwed into a lamp. Impossible with a switch that dims lights on/off. A regular toggle switch, yes, but a push on/off dimmer knob might be very challenging. A lamp works, or I keep a test sock handy for just this use.

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I managed to get one bulb paired for testing, however, the control for it is not working. :frowning:

The status of the light is UNKNOWN and I'm not sure what to do now. I've tried turning the light on/off to see if it needed a power cycle to refresh the status, but it doesn't seem to be working.

The model is TRADFRI bulb E26 WS opal 980lm and I'm using the Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev) driver. I've also tried the Generic Zigbee Bulb driver as well, to no avail.


did you hit configure after pairing the bulb and changing the driver?

I hit the configure button just now and nothing seemed to happen. No page refresh, no bulb flash, etc.

it sets the reporting and configuration parameters, try on off now...

This and also, did you click "Save"? Unknown is what you see normally before you click the Save button.

I thought I would try removing the bulb and then re-adding it in case my setup was incorrect, however, now when I scan for devices and then put the bulb in pairing mode, Hubitat finds it, but it is initializing indefinitely.

The first time I set it up, it was almost instant.


It's been stuck here for over a minute now and I've tried rebooting the hub and doing it again. Same thing.


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Reading posts on other blogs some users had mentioned issues with trying to pair tradfri bulbs with Hue. It appears a firmware update through the OEM hub had corrected the issue. Not sure if they're still shipping with the old firmware but that could be a contributing factor.

I'm not using a Hue hub. Direct to Hubitat.

The issues that prevented them from linking to the Hue hub might be the same that are preventing them from linking with the HE.

I'm not sure if that's the issue. This bulb has been connected to the Ikea hub for the past few months, so I imagine it's on the latest firmware. I unpaired it to test with Hubitat just this morning.

I imagine you're right then as that was the posted solution to update it via the Ikea hub. Sorry, just trying to think of other options.

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I have seen this specific issue where the pairing doesn't complete, in my case it was due to an Osram bulb acting as a router for the device I was attempting to pair.
I have a lot of experience in pairing the device I was working with, so I fired up my packet sniffer only to discover that the osram bulb was not passing the join response from the hub back to the device, so the pairing didn't complete.
So, if you have any other bulbs joined to hubitat, I would power them down and see if that helps.

While we don't have very many fingerprints currently for the Ikea bulbs yet, they do work with the stock drivers even though they may be discovered as a device.

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Since you were connected to the Ikea hub, it's unlikely a firmware issues. There was an issue that was discussed on the HA forum at length having to do with very early lot numbers. This was an inconsistency in Ikea's early implementation of the Zigbee LL specification.

I've paired just one Ikea E12 bulb, and it went a smooth as could be, once I reset the bulb. Brand new, out of the box, it would not pair.

Maybe try reset the bulb again, then try again with other paired bulbs powered down as @mike.maxwell suggested.

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