Tradfri Bulb Connects, but then is unresponsive

I'm looking for some help with some tradfri builbs ( TRADFRI bulb E12 WW clear 250lm specifically)

I have two of these bulbs that I can pair, but once they pair they don't seem to want to do anything.

When they pair, they're ID'd as a control outlet. I can't do anything with them when they pair even if I change the type.

I had one of these working last week, but I reset it thinking it was the other one.. and now I can't get either to function.

You don't happen to have an IKEA outlet that is getting picked up instead?

You may also want to try hitting the configure button on the device page, if there is a configure command.

You don't happen to have an IKEA outlet that is getting picked up instead?

I have 2, both already paired to hubitat and have been unplugged for about 30 mins as I was worried that maybe some devices acting as zigbee bridges might be messing up the pairing. When setting up some other ikea bulbs I noticed that they were getting added as control outlets, but then I could switch to Advanced Zigbee Bulbs and things worked fine.

Both bulbs pair to Smartthings fine, and I am pretty sure I'm getting them removed and reset (on/off 6x get a pulse 4x then bright vs the slow up/down dim of pairing) and ST hub unplugged.

Do you have a "configure" option?

Yep. When I use it (as an advanced Zigbee Bulb,) I get:

dev:100   2023-03-12 02:56:17.202 PM   debug   starting options testing...
dev:100   2023-03-12 02:56:14.147 PM   warn    configure...

nothing more and no functionality.

It may be worth checking the zigbee details page (under Settings) to see if anything useful is shown there.

People have often grouped Tradfri bulbs and maybe outlets into the category of devices that are best on their own ZigBee network, typically a hue bridge or separate HE hub. Not sure if that is still true of Tradfri... Do you have either of those? A hue bridge or second HE hub? Or are these currently your only ZigBee devices on HE?

No Hue and no other HE hub. I have some zigbee devices, mostly Tradfri bulbs and the 2 mentioned Tradfri outlets

One thing I noticed with one of these.. I starting pairing,.. was prompted to name, skipped the rooms setting portion and got to the device page. I could turn the device on/off for a moment even as a control outlet.. once the device flashed (as if to show that setup was done) I couldn't do anything else.

I may have just gotten it!

I was pretty sure I'd been resetting the bulb, but IIRC these are kinda notorious as being difficult to reset. I took a Tradfri remote that wasn't paired to HE, and paired to the bulb via TouchLink. Then paired the bulb to HE. It still pairs as a Outlet Control, but I was able to change it to Advanced Zigbee Bulb and it's working fine.

I'm guessing either my factory reset by switch wasn't enough or right.

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Excellent!! Was about to say I wasn't going to be much more help, and thankfully you didn't need any :slight_smile:

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