Trace messages in logging

Got something strange.
Using a community driver for several tuya zigbee power plugs, and all devices have the debug and description text toggles se to off.
Yet it keeps reporting energy data in the logging.

When I look at the code, I cannot see something wrong.

Anyone else having this?

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The driver has an un-checked "log.trace" for the events you see at line 234 (and several other places in the code). To change will take a code change by the developer.

You could modify this line (at your risk) yourself by inserting a // at the beginning of the line.

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Found it, thx

Hi @fanmanrules ,
This will be fixed in the next driver version update.
You are welcome to report any bugs or share any suggestions for further improvements in the dedicated thread: [BETA] Tuya Zigbee Metering Plug

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