Tooltips for App and Driver

Having written multiple drivers I find that sometimes it would be beneficial to add some type of description for a command button or for settings input.

The typical way of doing this would be to add a tooltip that displays when the cursor hovers over the button\field. Is something like this possible in HE.


Yes, it is possible to add tooltips and some of the built-in apps have this feature implemented. When creating own app or driver, you need to < style > the element and define the expected behavior on hover.


Note also that, at least for custom commands, you can provide additional information, at least for the parameters, that will be displayed in a tooltip:

command "myCommand", [[name:"myParameter",type:"NUMBER", description:"Description that will show in tooltip"] /*, other parameters, */ ]

Most "stock" commands have something specified here too (and can be overridden by declaring the command like a custom one, though I wouldn't do that without a good reason).


Thanks for the response. Yes I have seen that one and I use it but as you said it's main purpose is to explain the parameters vs the command.

Thanks, that is helpful. Is the code for any of these built in apps available to look at for an example of how this is used?

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