Took the Plunge and Moving to Hubitat


Long time HA guy. Started with Stanley X10 about 37 years ago. Moved to another X10 controller, the name of which I can't remember. Just too long ago. Then found the Ocelot and it was great. Moved to a new house 22 years ago and took my X10 with me. About 13 years ago the X10 modules started to fail, and so I made the move to Insteon using the ISY. Currently running the ISY at our house plus our recreational place. They have been great, with the only problem in the last 8 or 9 years being a couple of failed PLM modules.

Now time to downsize. Started looking again to see what is new. Was seriously considering ST but decided as a tinkerer that it was too "appy" for me. Plus the cloud thing was scary. Was going to stick with ISY and the Zwave module, but thought it was time for a change. Looked at Homeseer extensively and was getting ready to order when I saw a video mentioning Hubitat. Read the forums, made my lists of what I want to do, watched all the Hubitat tutorial videos and decided that the Hubitat will do all that I want it to do. It is ordered and am eager for it to arrive and get going.

After over 37 years of doing HA, I am excited for this device.


Welcome to Hubitat! My old man used to yell at me all the time for screwing around with his X10 sensors. Usually sneaking in and out the house. That was quite a system back then and most likely got me into tinkering with electronics.


Welcome aboard! Always nice to have new folks with experience join the discussion! I started using X-10 a long time ago as well. I took a break from HA while we were raising 3 children. I have been back in the game since 2014 (i.e. the SmartThings early days) and jumped on the Hubitat bandwagon just over a year ago. It been a great platform and community.


Welcome aboard! You're going to enjoy Hubitat. I wasn't so sure early on either, however once I got things up and running the way I wanted it to, I realized how great the platform is.

You'll soon realize that hubs are like potato chips... You can't have just one. :slight_smile:


Or even just two, some people even need four. :smiley:


Welcome to the Hubitat Community!

I'm still an Insteon user (about half my lights). HE communicates between the Insteon hub and Hubitat with a great little Node.js app that Scott Keuster from the SmartThings community has been improving of the last few years. It allows local control of Insteon dimmers and switches. Contacts, leak sensors and motion sensors inputs are in the works too.

@jeubanks has his running via ISY and a node.js server. It's a simple thing to build. You can run it on a Raspberry Pi no problem. Very light weight app built on the HASS Home Controller work.

If you're still using Insteon, and if you're interested, I was just posting about this last night.