Toggle problem

Hi all,I need some advice on a rule I've setup up for a Phillips hue dimmer switch.
I set a toggle action on button one for a landing light and a toggle action on button 2 for a hallway light.
Everything worked fine for 10 minutes then the next time I tried button one it turns the landing light on then off again in the same button press.
I removed the toggle action then tested the light and this stays on untill I press the off button.
Button 2 works fine with the toggle on.
I have some conditions setup on both buttons for sunset/sunrise whether that makes a difference I'm not sure.
Any ideas as to what I've done wrong.
Cheers kev

Posting the rule would help for troubleshooting. Do the logs show anything helpful, double press, etc?

Hi Caz could you advise me how to post the rule I've never done that before.

Cheers kev

No I've reset the dimmer,removed it from the hue bridge and set it up on hubitat.
The funny thing is it worked for 10 minutes then started doing what I posted🤔

I just take screenshots of mine and then crop and post them. If you use your phone you don't need to unless you want to.

Not got HE on my phone yet so I'll send it from my Mac.
Shall I post the logs as well.:thinking:

Cheers kev

At this point I would say no unless you see something in them, error, double press, etc. As far as the phone goes, it wouldn't be via the HE app, I just meant if your are working on HE via your phone's browser.

Had to screen shot in 2 images as it wouldn't fit on one

Cheers kev

First, I think it's shutting the light off because you tell it to turn on and set the light, then toggle it. I would recommend setting up scenes for the bulbs you are trying to control. Scenes will show up under switches and can be toggled. Not necessary but it makes things much easier for me when I do it.
I would also recommend scenes as it makes it really easy to toggle:

If time is between sunset and sunrise toggle "scene"
toggle "other scene"
End If

Brill thanks for the advise I'll have a go and let you know how I get on.

Cheers kev

I forgot to mention if it's single bulbs you can toggle temp and level under "set dimmers and bulbs"

I also forgot your button 4. I used the set dimmer level for a single bulb as an example but if you use scenes it would be set scene:


Thanks again for testing this for us,
It's a steeper learning curve for me than smarthings but I'm sure with plenty of tinkering I'll get my head around it.

Your welcome and no doubt. I struggled with RM, pretty much still do, but since the advent of "If then's" it's gotten a lot easier for me. I learned them(for the most part) over on ST when I was using webcore heavily.

Can someone advise what I might be going wrong.
Caz advised me to try creating scenes for my toggle problem I have. So I created a simple scene to start off with for button one from sunrise to sunset,it gave me options to what bulb and dimmer was to be used but didn't give any options for colour temp and light levels to set.
Do I do this somewhere else or in the scene I just setup🤔
Any advise would be great.

Cheers kev

It's been a while since I've actually used it. You should be seeing in red letters(Not captured) by it.
Once the bulbs have been selected and the scene has been created, turn the bulbs on and set them how you want the scene to be. Then go into the scene you created and "Capture Scene". It will pull from the bulbs you selected. If I remember correctly, I had to tweak mine. This can be done under "Adjust Scene Settings".

Docs here: Groups and Scenes - Hubitat Documentation

Am I right in saying that I create my scenes then add them in a rule🤔

On the topic of toggling, does anyone know a simple way to enable sequential toggling of scenes? I want to use one button on my physical switch to be able to "scroll" through scenes with each press.