Toggle Color bulb on and off from an RM

To all,

I'm using Cobra's weather switch app to monitor a Weather Flood Warning alert. I have a virtual switch & a RM setup.

RM checks every hour to see if the switch is on. If the VS is on, RM will turn on a two color bulbs to red for 1 minute.

What do I need to do to turn the color bulbs on and off during the active minute?

Thank you.

I'm not really following you. If you turn the bulb off, you won't see that it's red anymore. Are you trying to restore the bulb back to it's previous state after the 1 minute?

Also, why are you checking every hour? Why don't you just have it happen as soon as the vs turns on and then every hour after that until the VS turns off?

Every hour if the VS is on, the bulbs will turn on (RED) for 1 minute and turn off. The process repeats every hour.

I want the bulbs during that minute of being on to flash or turn off and on repetitively.

Sorry if I wasn't clear.

I just want every hour if WX Alert switch is on to flash a multi-color bulb red for 1 minute until the warning has expired.

Is this what you are thinking?