To Zigbee or not to Zigbee. Is that a question?

All really good points. On the Z-Wave side, max theoretical range is around 600 feet with 4 hops, but I doubt anyone here is going to get to that. Z-Wave is prone to interference at the 900 MHz range.

Zigbee range might be shorter from router to router, but I believe it can surpass even Z-Wave Plus maximum range by virtue of so many more hops possible.

No perfect world. Stay with what's working for you and you're comfortable with.


Commercially Zigbee devices have been advertised with mile plus range.

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Yeah, except that they don't mention in the fine print about the 50 or so repeaters needed to get that mile range :wink:

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I should have said industrial not commercial.

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The cheaper Star Wars version. :wink:


Ahhhh, yeah. I've heard of industrial applications of Zigbee devices, but I never knew they advertised that kind of range.

*** Starts looking at my woefully inadequate motion sensors.

As I work in industrial control systems... I have a number of 802.15.4 devices with really long ranges (although none as long as a mile though). No repeaters, but they do have directional antennas.

But can they detect motion is the only question I want answered. :wink:

True, but let's say, (and this all just theoretical distances, open air, no interference) that you can add 50 TrΓ₯dfri outlets, just as an example. At $10 each, it's $500 to go 1000 feet if each repeater gets you only another 20 feet to low ball it. If that's your only option, it's not too bad.

However, if you're doing that, I think you're doing it wrong. You should use Ethernet to extend to another hub.

You know about my love for Ikea Tradfri devices though. :wink: It's almost an obsession at this point.

You should be getting meatball vouchers for all those lights you've bought.

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True story: My wife said she wouldn't eat another Ikea meatball for the next 6 months because of how many times I've driven to Charlotte to get bulbs (and other crap) over the past couple of months. lol


They have other things. She doesn't have to eat the meatballs!

From zigbee to routers to meatballs, all in one thread. heh


Wwwhhhaaa??? One cannot go to Ikea and not eat meatballs!!! I'm pretty sure they post that very thing on the front door when you walk in.

[And yet another thread hijacked by Ikea]. Sorry @zarthan lol

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And it really just comes down to meatballs.

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It's @SmartHomePrimer's fault. :wink:


Trifecta. Just need a couple to break into a fight and the atmosphere is set.


Cannot visit without eating them.

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