Tips on reducing battery drain for IKEA Fyrtur Blinds paired with HE?

I have 12 IKEA blinds/shades that open to 55% at sunrise, close to 33% an hour before sunset, and close completely at sunset. The batteries last a good month before they need to be recharged. The driver I am using is from @a4refillpad. Try switching to that driver.

Per his comments at the start of the thread when I suggested it, that's the driver he is using.

That is the same driver that I have been using for the last two weeks that drained the battery of the IKEA blinds, and the same driver that I modified. I'm hoping that my modification to that driver will increase the battery life to 6 months or more.

You have a data point that shows drain but I'm using the same driver and do not have the problem. I don't think blaming the driver is justified yet.

If you only have a single blind, this is probably not going to be practical, but I'd try a different battery.

I'm only sharing my experience with using the IKEA FYRTUR Blind when I paired it to my Hubitat C7 Hub. I understand that others may have different experiences. Before I paired the blind to HE, I was getting about 6 months of battery life. After I paired it to HE, I was getting a few weeks. So you're right, I'm offering just one data point, however, it may help someone else in the future who has a similar issue as I did.

Sure. Understood. That's why we are all here. I'm just pointing out that it is premature to conclude the driver is at fault. I actually have six data points that are contraindicative of a driver issue draining the battery.

I may be able to come up with a test case where there is zero motor activity, and I can see how a fully charged battery drains in that scenario. Related: See my post in this thread showing the guts of the shade .

I had my glasses on upside down.

I've not seen battery drain described here with my original settings, I wonder if there's different firmwares involved which is preventing the device from sleeping.

It is interesting. In actual practice, I've been getting 4-6 months between recharges (with one up/down cycle per day). I've never really paid much attention to the battery reports.

As a test, I put a freshly recharged battery on a test shade (with a broken motor, so it actually never does any motion) and was surprised how quickly the battery level declines - 23% in two days. But again .. is this actually indicative of battery life.

I'd wager some of the discrepancies are firmware related. There's been a number of firmware updates for all their shades to "optimize battery"

For me, I purchased my IKEA Fyrtur blinds in Jan 2022, so they probably are using firmware version 2.3.088 (estimating from IKEA's firmware release notes).

Running your version of the driver with my modifications, the battery level has dropped from 100% to 98% in 8 days.

So this is interesting: I also purchased my blinds around the same time (mine arrived early Feb'22), also using the same driver, also C7 hub, but I don't have the battery drain issue. I think in 16 months I only had to recharge the battery 3, maybe 4 times, with your typical twice-a-day usage.
Mine is actually on even older firmware:

endpointId: 01
application: 22
firmwareMT: 117C-1187-22009631
inClusters: 0000,0001,0003,0004,0005,0020,0102,1000
manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
model: FYRTUR block-out roller blind
outClusters: 0019,1000
softwareBuild: 2.2.009

The interesting part is that your device also reports a "switch: on" event every 10 minutes, and mine doesn't. Could that be contributing to poor battery life?
I wonder if it makes a difference what driver was being used when the device was joining the network, as I believe some zigbee parameters can only be changed during pairing, at least that's the case with sensors.


Though clicking the configure command on properly built drivers should set the relevant reporting parameters to something more appropriate to Hubitats environment.

The original driver by a4refillpad configures the IKEA blind device to report status every 10 minutes, and I do believe this is causing the battery drain on my specific blind (I can't comment on anyone else's blinds).

Note, that when you switch drivers you need to click the "Configure" button in the driver settings so that the driver will re-configure the device appropriately. If you forget to click the configure button, I believe the device will still be configure for the previous driver.

For comparison, here is the info from the first IKEA blind I purchased 10/31/2020

Is the IKEA gateway required to update the firmware or is there another way?

I believe the change that actually helped in your situation, is the 600 -> 86400 for the ATTRIBUTE_POSITION_LIFT. You could leave the rest of the configureReporting the same, and it would still help.

Those are just crazy levels of drain that i don't see on any of my blinds. All mine last for months with daily use. I'm happy to adjust reporting but I absolutely cannot reproduce your findings re drain.

All my shades last for months as well as long as I’m using real world “Is the shade operating” as the measure. In my test case the reported battery readings are dramatic. I mean .. it's absolutely crazy and continues to report lower and lower numbers ..

For what it's worth, all my shades are at 117C-1187-22009631. [Update: Two are actually 117C-1187-23088631]

Hubitat reports this as my IKEA blind firmware:


Whatever the case, the change I made to the zigbee device reporting intervals seems to have fixed my battery drain issue. It's been 10 days now and the battery has dropped only 2%.

I erred when I said all mine were the same. Two of mine are 117C-1187-23088631 and their battery reporting is significantly different.

That seems to be an important question now. Wish I knew of a different way. See How to apply firmware update to Ikea FYRTUR blinds? - :gear: Custom Apps and Drivers - Hubitat