Tips for pairing SmartThings multisensors and water sensors?

I have 2 F-MLT-US-2 multi sensors and 2 F-WTR-US-2 water sensors that I am trying to migrate over to HE. I did a reset on both devices by holding down the button until the red light showed, and afterwards they all blink 2x blue, pause, 2x blue, pause, etc, which means ready to pair according to the documentation I've read.

After about 10 tries doing discovery on the HE hub, I was able to get one of the multi sensors to pair. I have not been able to get the other multi sensor or either of the water sensors to pair, even standing about 2 feet from the hub.

Anyone have any tips for pairing these sensors?

This is usually an issue with range and/or WiFi interference. Can you try pairing them closer to the HE? Another option would be to change the zigbee channel of the HE to one that has less interference with other WiFi networks in range.

Is the channel thing device specific? I had no trouble at all pairing my 11 Iris contact sensors.

some devices have better range than others, in my experience. Try pairing the ST sensors within a few feet of the HE should get you going, but you still might have issues at longer range. Do you have any zigbee repeaters in your network?

What Zigbee channel are you using. A lot of ST devices seem happiest on channel 20. In fact, channel 20 seems to be the community consensus as the most compatible Zigbee channel.

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I was about 2 feet away when I was trying to pair. The hub is up high on a shelf, I'll have to go up on a ladder to get any closer. No repeaters.

Channel 12. What happens to my paired Iris devices if I change the hub to channel 20?

Channel 12 is a bit congested. The HE hub is right next to my wifi router too.

Well, they are supposed to eventually figure out the channel changed and then reconnect. However, many users have reported having to re-pair them. If you do NOT remove them from Hubitat, and simply physically reset the device, and the re-discover them, they will jump back into the original device. This saves you the hassle of renaming them and having to edit automations they are included in. For many, this is the quickest solution.

You should be able to change the Zigbee channel and see if that solves your ST device pairing issues. If yes, follow the above procedure. If not, just change the channel back.

Disclaimer - I take no responsibility if this messes things up! :slight_smile: Of course, if it solves the issue, I take full responsibility!

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This worked for me!!!

Today I changed the ZB channel because my old ST sensors wouldn't pair at all. Once I changed to channel 20 (maybe 19 I forget) all of a sudden the device(s) started appearing.

Of course the existing ZB devices stopped working so I did as @ogiewon suggested and set the HE searching for new devices and then put each ZB device in pairing mode. Nothing came up since they were already paired BUT each device started responding again.

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Change channel, and add some repeaters (Lowe's Iris smart plugs are on clearance cheap if you can find them). And if possible get the HE away from your router by at least 6 feet. Also if you still have your ST Hub running, it's using an available channel that could add to the challenge, not to mention a hue bridge if you have one.

Edit: try zigbee channel 25, if you don't have a hue bridge, it's outside of the normal WiFi range. However some zigbee devices might not like that channel.

I’m just curious, when you tried, how long did you wait? I can’t remember right now but are these the devices you can reset buy removing the battery, hold the button, don’t release it, push battery in, and as soon as the light glows, release the button. Do this while in pairing mode. I’d wait 5 minutes before messing with it unless it’s clear the device has given up. I have 3 water sensors and 2 of these multi sensors and they paired right up. I was about 5 to 10 feet away. Hope you solve it without having to mess with it too much. I’m on ch 20 BTW. Good luck.

I had about 20 Smartthings motion sensors. They took forever to pair but I eventually got them all paired. It was anywhere from 5 mins to 15 mins to pair each sensor. I had a few that didn't pair so I reset them again and that got them to pair.

I changed the zigbee channel to 20 before going to bed last night. This morning, all but one of my previously paired devices have apparently found the new channel. Now to try and pair the ST sensors and get that last Iris sensor back online...


Last 3 ST sensors paired instantly. Thanks all! :sunglasses:


Got my one remaining Iris sensor re-paired too. All set.

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Great! Glad to hear that they do reconnect on their own, given enough time.

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