Timezones and Cloud Dashboards

I have several hub variables that are based on time of day, all related to the constantly changing schedules my children have, so I can trigger based on the event rather than a specific time. I expose the variables through a Hubitat Dashboard so that I can easily change them from my phone as schedules change. If I access the local dashboard, everything works as expected. But when I access the cloud dashboard, sometimes the times displayed are off by an hour. When I go to change the variable, the correct time is shown while editing, but then after saving the wrong time is displayed. I assume this is because the server hosting the dashboard is in a different timezone than me, and the timezone is being applied to the variable as the dashboard is rendered. I'm in UTC−05:00, and the times shown are as if the server hosting the dashboard is in UTC−06:00.

I tried testing this but couldn't replicate the problem. That's an odd one.


Thanks. In case it helps, here is a GIF showing the behavior.

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Did you resolve this issue?
I'm seeing the same thing on 6 out of 8 tiles with time variables.
None of the variables are using connectors.

Not really. If I'm on my home network, then I just make sure I'm using the local dashboard and not the cloud dashboard. If I'm not at home, well, I just do a mental timezone conversion.

I have exactly the same issue. Local time is correct, cloud time is 1 hour out of whack. I first noticed it when daylight savings ended.