Time zone info incorrect

I live in Michigan and the time zone is EDT which I don't see as an option anywhere. If I change the time zone to US/Michigan or US/Eastern, the time is correct but the sunrise and sunset times are off by one hour. The only thing that seems to work correctly is changing it to US/Indiana-Starke even though it says CDT. Many of them don't seem to really make sense.

This was driving me insane because I kept having events trigger outside of restricted times.

What happens to the affected settings on the next day if you change the timezone? Feels like one fo @gopher.ny... But I could be wrong...

The sunset/sunrise is driven by Zip Code and/or location coordinates. Try setting the zip code to your actual zip code, then save (alternatively changing the location coordinates will update the sunrise/sunset).


Well I'm just going by what I see on the Hub Details page, so if there's a better way, let me know.

But my zip code has always been set to my actual zip code and my sunrise/sunset times were an hour off until I started messing with the time zone. So I tried changing the zip code to a random one and then changed it back, and it set the time zone back to US/Eastern and the times all seem correct now. Not sure how it got messed up in the first place, but seems like changing it and then changing it back will reset it correctly. Thanks for the reply!

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Have you (and a few million other people...) recently moved in / out of daylight savings?

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The US has been in Daylight savings since March 13th