Time, variables, and dashboards

I'm wanting to have a time variable for when the house "wakes up". I want to be able to control this from a dashboard.

I made the DateTime variable and I authorized it for the dashboard but when I go to add the tile I don't see it.

Also, can a DateTime variable just deal with time?

Sounds like a similar thread...

Mobile app doesn’t work (at least for me), but the browser does in all instances with To use only the time portion I want to say put 9999-99-99 in the date portion.

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I was wondering if Mobile was the issue. I'll have to try later.

I did seem to be able to do it with making a connector though.

Well damn now I'm getting this when going into Hub Variables

I've had so many problems with variables now for several releases I've just decided to leave them well alone until they settle down again. I had local variables with connectors for a similar morning 'alarm' system, then the time based one's screwed up because they needed a date. I moved to hub variables and had similar issues. Ah, now I'm thinking to move the whole rule to Node-RED and avoid as many breaking changes and rule re-writes as possible.

Are you using a connector for this variable? If so, try setting the time on the device page for that variable to fix the format.

On the dashboard side, what tile did you used to set the variable?

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