Time variable set from dashboard - rule


I want to set a time on my dashboard to start some action.
So I create a global time variable on "Rule machine legacy" (because I don't see the option in Rule Machine)

I also create a connector to the time variable and put it on dashboard.
Now I want to create a rule with it but "Rule Machine legacy" does not allow me to create new rule.
If I try the new Rule Machine, it does not show the global variable created on legacy.

How can I use a global variable in a rule ?

Hub Variables replace the Global Variable of old, and are usable with RM 5.1

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ok great.
but now the variable type in hub variables is "datetime" , however on dash board I have time and date variable types.
I want to use just a time variable.
how can I create a "time only" global variable ?

with current datetime variable, I am not able to set from dashboard.

Leave the date portion of the dateTime blank and it should work as a time variable

where shall I leave the date portion blank ?

When you create the Hub Variable, but hold off - I'm getting an error on the Hub Variable screen after entering a blank date then trying to modify it from the dashboard.

(easy recovery is to use the device page for the connector device and set the DateTime to 9999/99/99 06:15 AM)

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yes. that was what I had as an issue. But it is solved now.

ok. now , if I define a rule with trigger "change on time variable" and then calculate seconds to that time, then put a delay using that "seconds" calculation, and set action after that delay:
it will work as I require.
but will that timer survive a reset ?

so for example;

  • it is now 23:25 here
  • I set the time on dashboard to 6:55
  • the rule will be triggered and calculate time difference : 6:55 - 23:25 and get X minutes.
  • then get N seconds (X * 60)
  • delay N seconds
  • turn on Egg machine

this will normally work. and calculate N , delay N seconds and start egg machine at 6:55
will it also work if my hub restarts (power outage) throughout the night ?