Time input issue

I have a datetime variable which I use to trigger the transition from Evening mode to Night mode. When I update the variable using a dashboard tile the time entered is reduced by 1 hour, enter 23:00 changes to 22:00 after a brief moment.

I am running the latest .154 version.

Advice needed.

Are your phone and the hub on the same timezone?

The hub is set to GB and my phone (Android) is set to GMT+01:00 BST.

The variable in question is NightTime and I entered 00:00 to achieve 23:00.

Attached Hub variables screen grab. Other time variables seem to work as expected.

Thanks for checking this out.

The browser believes you mean the timezone it is running in. So if the hub and the mobile browser are in two different timezones, this is what happens.

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OK thanks for your help.

The date was a bit strange for the NightTime variable and I have since corrected that and it is now working as expected.

Thanks again.

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