Time in Rule Machine message

Is there a way to shown the trigger time of a rule in a message? I want to use the built in message for this. I know there are other ways to see the trigger time, but I just want something like “Garage door opened 12;45 pm” Thanks!

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I second this idea.

I live in a rural area, and notifications can sometimes be delayed by a lack of reception. It would be nice to know when a notification was sent, versus the time it was received.

Perhaps strings like %date% and %time% could be implemented for notifications.


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If you use pushover for notifications they are timestamped by default. As are text messages if you use the built-in sms feature.

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I think I can this could be added pretty easily. I will look into it. It would be in the form of %time% embedded in the message.


I’m hoping at some point a time date global can be accessed and used for many things.

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Could you elaborate? The only thing we have right now is %devce% and %value% in messages, for the last event causing device and the value of that event. What are "many things"?

I like to know when things are triggered via messages. I’m assuming that when an app appears, push notifications will show event times. I’m also hoping to have global variables for time triggers, or an output that can be used in graphing, but there are other ways this can be done of course. If a time can be part of a message, it would be nice to have, but not vital. There’s always another way to get the data out.