Time error after update

Hi all updated my hub today to version and shortly after noticed that my time had been set back 2 hours, anyone spotted this or is it just me. Based in the UK so time setting is set to Etc/GMT+1 and my longitude and latitude are spot on as hub will not accept UK postcode.

Since 2.3.1, you can change your timezone in the “Hub Details” section of “Settings”. Hopefully, that will give you what you need.

Yes have set time settings in hub and it is showing correct time, but my apps are showing in the logs as happening 2 hours later.
Just looked in my hub settings and they are correct, but when I go to system settings - diagnostic tool - set hub time and date it showing time as 1 hour earlier.

Can you share screenshots showing the problem?

Have you verified your latitude/longitude settings?

I use the following with no issues.

Screenshots showing date on time on hub in system settings, date and time in hub settings, basic rule for dehumidifier to run at 10:00am to run for 10 minutes o time delay, screen shot of log showing 10:00am dehumidifier app actually startinf at midday. I have double checked my longitude and latitude settings as hub will not accept UK post code.


Just written a new rule to run at 12:30 for ten minutes and it has worked OK. could this be all my rules written before the update are running at a differant time/time zone?

I've the issue, that sometimes after an update, timed rules just stop working for what ever reason. Try hitting "update rule". This usually helps in my case.

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This has been a issue since I received a C3. Always been like it and it is not an issue.
I just leave it blank.
As long as you have your longitude/latitude and time zone set to Europe/London you should be ok.

I suspect that the difference between the GMT in the diagnostic tool and your time on the phone is due to daylight savings time.

As for the rules, I would try @Vincent_The_Staat’s recommendation to click on “update rule” or “done” on the rules to see if it makes a difference.

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