Tiles dont refresh

I just purchase a HE hub EU Version and I am currently installing new devices, as well migrating some from Vera controller.

I have 3 issues as follows:

The main issues are with Qubino dimmers that are working as they should if I am using them under "Devices" in a web browser. However, if I am trying to click ON/OFF in Dashboard tiles, the imagine does not refresh and I cannot control the device anymore. Once I am going back to “Devices” and I click refresh, all statuses are displayed correctly including the tiles in Dashboard. I was trying 3 different Qubino Dimmers, all 3 are with the same issue.

Second, somehow similar, with a Fibaro wall plug (FGWPE/F-102), if I start the plug from the psychical button there is no refresh at all in HE hub, neither in Dashboards or “Devices” until I don’t click Refresh (Devices) and is not showing energy consumption whatsoever.

Third issue is for Fibaro dual relay there is NO driver that shows both switches but only one. I am currently using Quibino Double relay driver that seems to work.

For your device status update issues, try clicking the CONFIGURE button on the device details page for each of your devices. This will send status reporting configuration commands to the device which may help resolve this issue.

I do t use Qubino or Fibaro devices, so the information above is more just general troubleshooting advice. Hopefully another member with the same devices as you will chime in as well.

Thank you very much for quick repply. Just did this.. unfortunatelly nothing happened.
It might be something wrong or incomplete in the diver.(that might be created and work with another firmware version of the device).