Tile with switch and attribute from separate device


I am trying to create a tile that is a switch that actuates a relay to trip the garage door. However, I want the background or icon to represent the status of the contact switch i used to monitor if the door is actually closed.

Right now I have two tiles. one for the switch and one for the contact. This takes up two tiles spaces. It would be nice to combine them some how.

Basically hit the tile and action a attribute of one device, icon or background color is an attribute of another device.

Hope that is clear. Is this possible?


sure is check this out

@bptworld has done a great job with this

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Have you tried using the "Garage Control" tile? You can click it to control a device.

Ahh yes. I remember looking into this a while ago and forgot about it.


I don't have a problem controlling a device. I want the attributes of the tile's background to be from a separate device. Garage tile still only lets you select one device.

Some folks have created a Virtual Door Control device, and the used an App to link it to a Switch device and a Contact Sensor device. This allows those two separate devices to appear as one, and thus be controlled on the dashboard with a proper Door Control Tile.

Not sure how well this app works, but it may be worth a try.

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@JSTRUBLE2 Tile Master does what your asking.....

I realise you mean the tile but just to mention the virtual garage controller device imposes some 'smarts' in terms of a time delay, phased updating of the contact and door attribute and not directly exposing it's open close events immediately . It might take a bit of working around if you use that.

Yes, Tile master almost does that. But it only changes the background cell color / text color of the sensor text and not the whole tile background. Unless I'm missing something...

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