Tile with direct link to application

Is a way to create a tile on my dashboard that when its pressed it will open up an application?

For example: We I am on my deck and am using my dashboard to turn on my deck lights and dim them, is there a way I can click on a tile and it will open up Spotify or Efuy?

Be gentle.......:joy: this is probably a lazy and around about way to do it when I can just minimize my dashboard and click that application I want, but if I am using my dashboard I'd like it to me a one stop shop and be able to click a tile and take me to a specific app.

Side note: I have Heos speakers throughout my house and wondering how the HEOS integration works?

Thank you,

Looks like the "Link" template is what you are after. Take a copy of the app's URL by opening it in a browser and copying the address, then create a tile in your dashvoard using the Link template, using the URL for the app as the Link URL, entering the Link Name you want.

The App will open in the same tab... shame... would be nice to see that in a separate tab... personally... But might leave that for another topic :slight_smile:

I see now I mis-read your original post and it is an app on your mobile device you want to open, not an app within the HE hub. Annoyingly I can't seem to get what I believe should work (Instant App Links on Android) to actually work... If I do get it to work I will post back with the solution.