Tile Master and Smartly?

Continuing the discussion from [RELEASE] smartly - the hubitat dashboard skin engine:

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@northan if you've been working at it for a few hours, it might make sense to start over with a new stock dashboard to narrow down the issue. I know when I've been hacking away at something for that long, it's not a good starting point to troubleshoot.

  • Create a new stock dashboard and add the Master Tile.
  • Create another stock dashboard and add the Master Tile.
  • Update one of the two dashboards with 'smartly' and save, refresh.
  • Take a screenshot of the Master Tile in the stock dashboard and the smartly-updated dashboard.
  • Post those screenshots here.

If they differ, we'll have you go into your browser 'inspector' like you did for your clock issue, and have you highlight then 'copy element' on the the entire tile, then paste it into pastebin for the tile from both the stock and the smartly-updated dashboard. This way we'll be able to compare the HTML for both of them.

If they look the same (no extraneous celsius mark, etc) then this questions might be Tile Master related.

That's kind of funny, as soon as I posted I took that approach and got different results.
I will let you know the outcome when I have had a chance to play with it some more.

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Yeah there must have been some weird throwback from somewhere.
Sorry to have wasted your time, I hope you didn't think I came running for help as soon as I hit a wall.


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No worries! So it's working as expected now?

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Yes, It looks sweet,
I need to post back into @bptworld "tile master" thread about the justification issue as you can see above with Min temp, but I will spend time at that before I do.

When and if you do post that justification issue to the actual bptworld tile master thread, make sure you post screenshots from the stock HE dashboard, not a smartly-updated one. To get the best help, the issue must clearly be shown happening within a stock HE dashboard. :+1:

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@northan Not to change direction, but where are you getting the "Sound Pressure" reading from?

Interesting, does that vary with wind, traffic, or just rocking out?

Hi TechMedX.
Sound pressure is a little misleading, but the text is true to the original manufacture data information.
All the inside information is coming from a netatmo indoor base unit. It's basically a sound measurement to tell you how quiet/noisy your environment is. I should rename it Sound meter.

Cool didn't know it had that feature. Been thinking of getting a weather station. Have to keep that in mind, thanks.

Looks like everything is working out thanks @spelcheck.
Quick glance of the bare bones, I can tidy up later :slight_smile:


@TechMedX: The information comes through a convoluted way. There is a netatmo connect app via netatmo's developer system which is published through AWS. Once you have the creds setup you can access all the information I'm showing. I don't have the anemometer at the moment.


Nice looking dashboard, clean, helped by the 3 sun symbols brightening it up. We don’t see those as often as we’d like in these parts.

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Agreed, the three day forecast tile from the darksky driver looks great on a dashboard.

But something must be wrong with @northan’s, it says sunny for three days in a row in the UK :rofl:.


I might use it as a background / screen saver :wink: