Three Switch Hallway Motion Switching

So I have a hallway with three switches (one in the middle and one on each end). I would like to do a motion style night light. The scheme would be that if motion is detected, the lights would come on at 20% if night time and full bright if the physical toggle/button is used. I am assuming that I would use three GE motion switches using the traveler to provide constat power while using an Aeon in wall dimmer module to control the actual lights. RM/WebCoRe for the rules.

Any additional tips or better way to accomplish this?


I would look at setting up a motion zone using several motion sensors and the built-in zone motion app. The GE motion switches aren't as flexible as you might like and separate motion sensors can be mounted in more advantageous spots. The motion zone would catch motion if any of the motion sensors were active. The dimmer module could likely retain your current wall switches although I have no idea what the wiring in your walls is like. You should be able to craft an RM rule to accomplish what you need.

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I think you sold me on it. I forgot that Aeotec has recess plates. I can then reuse my GE toggle dimmers that I am pulling out to replace with Inovelli switches in some areas.

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