Thoughts on this switch cover set up

Hey guys, does anyone have the ERIA Dimmer Switch? I like the look but I still need to find a way to cover the actual switch, and since I'm renting I've replaced the bulbs.

A friend from work showed me a neat light cover that fits the hue remote here on Amazon do you think that would work for the Eria? or does anyone know of a better way?

Or should I go with something like this?

I personally like the look of the first one.

If you're in the US, and have traditional toggle style switches, I think the Lutron Aurora is a nice looking solution, especially if you're using a Philips Hue bridge and lights.

I actually have one. Had a terrible time getting it to work. It paired but almost never worked correctly.

Yeah I'm just worried it won't fit

Was it paired to a Hue bridge, or directly to Hubitat? Just curious...

I don't use hue. I'm straight HE all the way!

So yeah I had it paired directly to the Hubitat hub. To be completely fair, while I believe I had a good mesh I'm not sure at the time I had a super strong Zigbee mesh like I do now.

This is what I would have guessed as well. I think the Aurora probably performs its best when paired to a Hue bridge. I don't use a Hue bridge either. :wink: I use Sengled bulbs paired to my HE hub. For switches, I use Lutron Caseta switches, dimmers, fan controllers, and Pico remotes.

Have you considered using Pico remotes? You could wall mount them easily with a 3M Command Strip for easy removal when you vacate the apartment.

I’ve thought about that but I thought I needed extra stuff for the picos? Everything I have is Zigbee connected to HE itself. I have Spengler bulbs everywhere I can and ThirdReality on lights I can’t swap.

I am curious on if the Lutron Aurora would work better with my mesh in its current state.

The Lutron Pico remotes are often less expensive on a per device versus their Zigbee counterparts. So, if you're buying about 6, the savings basically pays for the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro2 that you need to run them.

You can often get a decent price on the Smart Bridge Pro2 at That's where I bought almost all of my Lutron hardware last year. I started with a few Pico remotes. They worked so well, that I ripped out all of my old GE Z-Wave switches and dimmers and replaced them with Caseta. The Lutron Clear Connect RF protocol uses a 433 MHz frequency, so no conflicts with Zigbee or Z-Wave. It just works...every time... :slight_smile:

Also, I know that Bruce and Mike from Hubitat are both serious users of Lutron. Thus, I know that they will support the platform extremely well! :wink:

Just be sure to get a Smart Bridge Pro2, not a regular 'Smart Bridge'. The PRO version supports TELNET which is required by Hubitat for their integration. Also, don't bother buying an older "PRO" model, instead of the "PRO2". Lutron made some changes that prevent activating the older models on their system. They will usually swap it out for you for free, but its just safer and simpler to get the Caseta Smart Bridge PRO2 model from the get go.

hmm.. that is a good point. on the support stand point. Plus it's not like these battery powered devices would add to my mesh anyways. Do you know how good the coverage is of the Lutron Bridge? My designated smart home corner graciously bestowed to me..... is kinda in the corner of my basement. Would that be an issue? or are there repeaters?

WAF is a big thing in my house. So if it works every time that would be nice.

I have a 2700 SqFt home, spanning 3 floors. I have one plug-in Caseta dimmer module which acts as a repeater (only the first one you add can be a repeater!) I have absolutely zero coverage issues for ~65 Caseta devices.

At CES 2020 earlier this year, Lutron announced a dedicated repeater module is being added to the Caseta product line. Glad to hear that, although I will not be buying one as everything works great as-is. They are also adding their own motion sensor to Caseta, however we don't know if its status will be mirrored over the telnet interface or not. I personally have no issues with my Iris v2 motion sensors.

Once very nice thing about the Pico remotes is they have an advertised 10 year battery life. I have not replaced any yet after about 1.5 years....but only time will tell.

The Eria and the Osram you linked to are quite different. The Eria (and Hue Dimmer) don't really cover the switch, though you could fit the Eria (not the Hue) in a standard decorator plate if you capped the line and load together under the switch to hardware it on. The Osram fits on top and covers the toggle or decorator switch underneath, and can also be used standalone. The Lutron Aurora similarly covers a toggle switch (and looks a lot better doing it). The last ones are really your only options if you're renting and want to cover the switches without rewiring. Of course, the Hue Dimmer could fit with the adapter you linked to as well ... so I guess whatever you think looks best. :slight_smile:

To confuse your options even more, there are also generic covers like these: (toggle versions also available; these are decorator). You could do that and then put some button device/remote (or whatever you want to use without worrying about how it fits into places) wherever you want. Probably the least appealing of all your options, but if price is a concern it might be cheaper.

I've done pretty much all of these options except the Hue Dimmer adapter, the result of which would probably be similar to the Osram. I have no strong preferences, except that I own now and when possible just replace the switch with a smart switch, relay/local control disabled, so it effectively acts as a powered button device. :slight_smile: (Almost all of my bulbs are Hue. I'd recommend a Hue Bridge for this, but that's another story; I assume you have well behaved bulbs on Hubitat, which is good.)

Yep currently using those magnetic covers all over and using motion lighting to turn the Sengled bulbs on/off. Works well.

With the Eria I was going to use a type of cover that would cover the switch in the "on" position.
With the Osram is would just cover.. but Osram gets mixed reviews around here so I wasn't sure.

Absolutely Sengled + HE is rock solid. I had nothing but issues with my hue bulbs. Like I said WAF is a big deal.. been burned before.

I convinced a friend to go in on Sengled and he regretted it. I had a similarly bad experience when I tried pairing Hue bulbs (and a few others) directly to a dedicated, bulb-only Hubitat. The problems were mostly that some devices needed to receive commands twice in order for them to actually do anything. For simple on/off or level commands with group messaging, this was usually not a big deal, but when you threw Hubitat scenes into the mix, I had to activate many of them twice before I actually got the desired end result (and similarly with just manually turning an off bulb on with a setColorTemperature or setLevel, many of which had to be issued twice for both the on/off state and color/level to both get there).

Modifying the driver (fortunately one of few that is public) to increase delays between commands helped a little (here is my result: Hubitat/Generic-Zigbee-RGBW-Light-Tamed.groovy at master · RMoRobert/Hubitat · GitHub). I moved all my bulbs back to Hue to get rid of this problem, but my theory is that too much too fast overwhelms them, similar to theories about why many are bad Zigbee repeaters, and the Sengled-using friend reports that this works well for him. (As an aside, I know Sengleds are not repeaters, but they still had this problem for me.)

I'm not sure how widespread this experience is, but I've seen enough posts about it that I know we at least aren't the only ones. I just don't know to what extent everyone else is perfectly lucky and never experiences any of this no matter how many reasonable commands they send. :slight_smile:

That is really odd. I've had nothing but good experiences with them. I will say that in one area of my home I needed to put some plugs so I could get the signal over there better.

I tried using hue on a hue hub and had a bad time. I got so mad I took them all down and put dumb bulbs up until I could swap to Sengled.

I have the Eria dimmer and it works great, but I have 6 Hue dimmers because there was a guy on ebay dumping them in batches of 5 for $20.

I also have GE Connected, Ikea 1000lm, Eria, Hue, Osram/Lightify, and Sengled Bulbs. Other than the Lightify bulbs going into on/off cycles if you switch them manually, they all work fine for me. In my last place I was using 4 Hue, 3 Sengled, 2 Eria, 7 GE, 2 Lightify, 4 Ikea bulbs (we had a lot of lamps). I just made sure to put the Lightify bulbs into lamps that nobody could reach so they wouldn't get messed up.

I'm currently only using a small number of bulbs due to a different, brighter layout with LED panel lights (blech) installed, My landlord he's ok with me changing out the switches, so that is a future job when I decide on an affordable solution.