This is going to get me divorced Lol

My home is going nuts and I’m not sure why I get things which get stuck or drop off all together

I have 13 bulbs and 3 RGB Strips connected to Hue but shared to Hubitat
And on my Hubitat I have

Aqara Wall Switch (QBKG03LM ) x5
Aqara Wireless Smart Light x1
Fibaro RGBW Controller x1
Innr plug (Generic Zigbee Outlet) x1
External Hue Motion Sensor x2
Internal Hue Motion Sensor x1
Ikea TRADFRI Control Outlet x3
Ikea TRADFRI Signal Repeater x2
MagicHome Wifi — Controller (RGB) x3
Nue Zigbee Switch x3
Philips Dimmer Button Controller x2
SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor V5 x3

Now I get random things dropping off
My hue sensors get stuck in active mode
And one off my SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor gets stuck in closed

And to top it off the wife says why can’t we just have a switch in the cupboard for the light
That’s the one with the Samsung contact which gets stuck closed my wife and kids use this cupboard about 20 times a day

And my hue motion sensors are in the garden,kitchen and my drive

Hubitat zigbee channel is 20
Hue zigbee channel is 25

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Did you look at this?

Funny thing I don’t have any problems with my aqara devices
I’m having problems with Samsung SmartThings and my Hue sensors and dimmer buttons

It sound like your 2.4ghz WiFi network channel is causing interference with your Zigbee network, causing it to lock up.

Could try changing the 2.4ghz WiFi network channel to something different, ch1, ch6, or ch11.

I changed my Hubitat Zigbee network to channel 14, Hue hub (#1) to channel 20, and Hue hub (#2) to channel 25. And all 84 of my Zigbee devices on my Hubitat, and all 45 devices on my Hues work 100%.

Here is some info about WiFi & Zigbee network, working together....

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This is going to get me divorced Lol

Would that be for cruel and unusual treatment?

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Hahaha. So WAF is at a new record low?

I’ve changed my zigbee channels on Hubitat, Hue and my WiFi and reconnected my devices didn’t take long
Now let’s wait and see what happens fingers crossed

My next thing is trying to figure out this
2way lighting as I have 3 Wires in the hallway for my new
Aurora AU-A1ZB2WDM1P and 2P


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