Thinking of switching from ST: compatability

hello, i am new here and for a while now i have been looking at hubitat with interest. i currently have a ST v3 hub but feel relying on the cloud limits me sometimes and i am sure many of you are ex-ST users :slight_smile:

so just after a bit of advice really on some of my smart devices moving over and is it as stable as i have heard?

broadlink rm mini/ pro i currently use rm bridge for these, having a quick look through the forums am i right in thinking hubitat can directly connect to these removing the need for a bridge device?

Yale conexis door lock, will this be compatible with HE?

British gas HIVE thermostat can i get this working ?

can i easily access it remotely? or does it require port forwarding in the router

i have actiontiles and i believe hubitat offers panels built in that i can connect the tablet to, are there any limitations in comparison?

webcore which the alternative is RM, is it as capable?

sorry for all the questions just wanna be sure before i order one

I'm not familiar with your specific devices, but I can point you towards two things that can help with that. The first is the official list of devices Hubitat has verified to work with the native/built-in drivers (like device handlers on ST): List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation. Second is a search of the Community forum--here--for your specific device, as lots of users have made things work (with or without a custom driver) that are not officially listed.

For your other questions:

  • The hub admin UI is not easily accessed remotely, but unlike ST, admin and "use" are separated. If you want remote access for monitoring and control of devices, you can do that wit a Dashboard solution, like Hubitat Dashboard (free and built-in, local and cloud access available) or (integration buit-in, subscription needed for some features, cloud-only). If you want admin access remotely, setting up a VPN server from your home network is probably the best option (remote desktop-sharing software is probably the only other safe option if that's easier and practical for you). Port forwarding is not advised for security reasons.
  • ActionTiles and Hubitat Dashboard are just different approaches to the same question of how to write/use Dashboards. You might like one better than the other or find one to have a feature you miss in the other. Hubitat Dashboard is often not as pretty, but I don't mind, and check out the Smartly addon if you do.
  • Like ActionTiles vs. Hubitat Dashboard, webCoRE and Rule Machine are two different answers to the same question of how to create custom automations without actually writing a custom app. You may like one better than the other. (If people come from webCoRE, it's often that. :slight_smile: ) I woud recommend two things: first, not feeling the need to start by creating custom automations, as Hubitat has a lot of built-in apps with many options for common tasks (mode changes, thermostat scheduling, many options for motion lighting, etc.). Second, when you feel ready to dive into Rule Machine, read the docs beforehand.

Don’t forget about the community device list:

May not be totally complete.. But I update this when I release drivers

you won't regret it. I still have my ST hub running for this:

and it helps to transition slowly to get used to things

Hubitat is quite amazing, almost as amazing as the collection of developers here.

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I'm using the [WITHDRAWN] NATIVE Broadlink RM/RM Pro/RM Mini/SP driver & RC HVAC Manager DevelopersCode Share and it generally works well.

However, one device perpetually fails to function after learning a code, and I'm attempting to use the RM Bridge with an RM3 to learn the code, but the link for using the app with an RM3 is not available, and it throws an error attempting to learn as an RM2

If it's not too much trouble please post how to use an RM3 with the RM Bridge. Update: was able to load this information on my Android device, failed in Win 10, Firefox

Upate2: got it all working by doing everything on my Android phone. However, the code fails when doing a Test. Same problem using Broadlink app, other devices work correctly.