Thermostat Scheduler [RELEASED]

So very sexy... And will it support and having set points defined by particular time periods? as in you know from 7:00 in the morning until 11:00 I want ex-cooling next heat and then from 11:00 to 6:00 I want a different set of set points and then from evening overnight a third set of set points things like that.

That is all functionality of Thermostat Scheduler. What this new app does is give you external temperature sensors for a thermostat that doesn't support them, creating the same effect. Check out the functionality of Thermostat Scheduler in the meantime. You can create a virtual thermostat to play with: On the Devices page, Add Virtual Device, give it a name and then select the Virtual Thermostat as Type. You can then setup Thermostat Scheduler pretending that is the real deal to see it's features....


Doh, yeah, I was a little to excited to think it through. :wink: I've actually aready been playing w/Thermostat Scheduler, which makes my question to you even more embarrassing. LOL...really looking good how this will all come together.

Very nice! I can definitely see this help with keeping the house at the right temp overall.

Any way you can fix the Thermostat tile in the Dashboard, too?

It adds a space in front of some of the fan control commands, so I had to hack the Advanced Honeywell T6 Pro Thermostat driver to get it to work:

@Field static Map SET_THERMOSTAT_FAN_MODE=["auto":0x00,"on":0x01,"circulate":0x06, " auto":0x00, " on":0x01, " circulate":0x06]

The original written by Bryan Copeland wouldn't respond to fan requests because of the extra space. I think the built-in T6 driver also had a problem with that, too.


When can we expect 2.2.4 to be released :smiley:

The "RC HVAC Manager" app does just what you describe. Unfortunately, @cybrmage seems to have left the community and withdrawn public distribution of his code. In the absence of a copyright statement or license, it would be inappropriate to create derivative works (and HE staff probably shouldn't look at the code, if HE is planning to produce & distribute a 'clean room' version that has similar functionality).

Having said all of that, there are plenty of examples of how RC HVAC Manager works in the [WITHDRAWN - Use the new Broadlink integration by @tomw] NATIVE Broadlink RM/RM Pro/RM Mini/SP driver thread, and a close reading will point to the source code for the last released version.

Refresh Error using Thermostat Scheduler with a Virtual Thermostat.

Checking the Virtual Thermostat Device: it does not have a Refresh command.

Please add a dummy refresh command to the Virtual Thermostat device, or verify the target device has a Refresh command prior to issuing the Refresh command in the Thermostat Scheduler.

Setting the "Thermostat Refresh Interval" to No Selection, stopped the error.

Usage Note: The virtual thermostats are set by the Average Temperature app, controlling five dumb Mini-Split Inverters (AC/Heat/Fan) using IR blasters with the withdrawn Broadlink user app.

Why don't you just turn off the refresh in the app?

Refresh() is meaningless for a virtual device. All that feature is there for is because some physical thermostats don't report temperature changes, so the display in the app is not kept current. Giving a refresh command causes the physical thermostat to report it's current state. The virtual thermostat doesn't have real temperature changes to report, and for the one's that it is commanded to do, it does report.

As mentioned in my prior post, doing that stopped the error.

While setting up the Thermostat Scheduler, I wondered what Refresh would do on a Virtual device? Lacking any insight I set up a 10 minute interval.

Anyhow, it's reported, and is a simple fix should anyone want to fix the app's code.

And giving praise where praise is due, the Thermostat Scheduler is a great app.

This is easily done using the existing public Average Temperature app, then changing the app created child device driver to a Virtual Thermostat or simply change the created device type in the app's code.

from last update I have a problem with Thermostat Scheduler. Right now I'm using 8x TS (I have 12 trvs). When it switch to away mode on one TS there is an error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot execute null+0 on line 845 (timeAwayHandler) - it is only one that is using time period with away temperature (yes I have set away temperature) - other TS are using mode to change temperature and there are no problems with them:


Could you post the setup page for it?

I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is, and a fix will be out in the next release -- soon.

this setup?

Yes, thanks. It's barfing on the absent cool setting. Fix is in....

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ok, thank you :slight_smile:

Another picture in my mind I'll never be able to unsee...

Oddly enough, I don’t have an Away mode. I customized my modes to have ‘Away Day’ and ‘Away Night’. How do I know which mode the Thermostat Scheduler is using for ‘Away’?

You won't be able to use that functionality. Away is a 'special' mode, and by doing away with it you lose the functionality associated with. It is only special in so far as it has such dedicated functionality in some apps.

OK. If I rename a mode back to ‘Away’, will I regain the functionality?

How do I duplicate/clone a Thermostat Scheduler?