Thermostat Scheduler - more than 4 schedule points?

I just installed and did the initial programming of my two Honeywell T6 Pro ZW's. So far so good. I didn't do anything fancy (yet) but have a question.

In the thermostat scheduler app I set the four default setpoints and then added two additional setpoints for mid-day and late-night (for a total of 6). I see them when I drill in but they don't show in the app. I am assuming they are in and working but can you confirm this is how it should work? Not sure how to see it in the log. How can I debug what is happening?

Here is the app screen shot:

Here is the log:

Also, the app summary only shows the default 4 periods...

You haven't finished defining the last two periods. Finish setting them up by going into them and then make sure you hit done on your way out, not "back".

I went back in and set the times again and that set it correctly. I assume the blue bars next to the entries show that its all set correctly?

Also, will this toggle between heat and cool modes as appropriate?


That is a thermostat setting, not necessarily Hubitat. The T6 has an Auto mode and then something called "Changeover" which has to be set to automatic. You can read more about how to set that up in your manual. But the thermostat determines that, not hubitat. Hubitat in this case is just acting as the scheduler. It will set the heat and cool set-points at every point you have defined.

I think I will use an outside sensor to toggle it from heat to cool and back.I looked into the changeover setting and am not sure I like how it works. Going to call Customer Support on the T6 and talk it over with them Monday. I'll post what I learn.

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