Thermostat Scheduler errors (Resolved)

I have 2 thermostats, both identical Centralite Pearl's. Since I updated this morning I get the following error on one of them (the other is OK). This thermostat is configured as "Heat Only" in the Pearls settings as it is a pellet stove. The unaffected thermostat is configured as Heat/Cool as it is on a standard furnace with A/C (if it matters).

I usually don't look at system logs but there is an error popping in there at an exact 3 hour interval.... Both thermostats are using the generic Zigbee Thermostat Driver.

I'm not sure of the issue or what else you may need to troubleshoot. -Joel

Tagging @bravenel for you.

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Please show the setup page of the Thermostat Scheduler in question. Also, I really need to see the error in the Logs. You didn't show that. I'm referring to the one that says "Cannot get proper 'heat' on null object".

Hi Bruce, the error pictured is actually what I get when clicking on the Thermostat Scheduler for the stove. I can access the device page with no issues. I'm not at home and reply back later. Thanks again for the quick response. -Joel

What you showed is a device error. I'm looking for the app error.

FWIW I am using HE V2.2.1.121β with a Pearl Zigbee and the thermostat scheduler. I'm receiving no errors. If it matters, I've not touched the scheduler in some months, just letting it do its thing.


@bravenel Hey Bruce, after I got home last night I decided to pull the thermostat and batteries for about 30 seconds. Once it rejoined the network I was able to view the device page with no issue. What I don't know is why do I still have the 2 issues below?



My other Pearl thermostat doesn't have these issues. I see both these entries every 3 hours.


I don't know where this scheduled job (pollDevice) came from, it isn't a part of any of the zigbee thermostat drivers we provide.
In order to resolve this you will have to delete the thermostat from Hubitat and then re include it.

Thanks Mike, I'll do this when I get home and report back (yep, I'm one of those mobile hardware IT guys that are deemed essential). :worried: -Joel

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@mike.maxwell, I removed the thermostat and re-added to let the driver reinstall and I now have no errors or any odd scheduled jobs. Looks like all is well, not sure what may have corrupted the driver(?).... I guess this was just a coincidence that seemed to happen with the firmware upgrade. Thanks again for the help and all you do for the community. -Joel

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