Thermostat Scheduler does not set temps on device

this has been happening for quite some time....
im using generic z-wave thermostat as device
the hub is at latest fw (
time scheduler (Version 2.0.2 (3/12/2023))


[app:743]( 11:00:00.609 AM[info]( Fan Mode **auto** from Time Schedule

[app:743]( 11:00:00.458 AM[info]( Setpoint **73.0** from Time Schedule

[app:743]( 11:00:00.377 AM[info]( Mode **cool** from Time Schedule

and nothing happens to the device itself... no corresponding log entry

yes i refreshed this page...

the device itself:

as you can see the temp is 74, and should be 73 (based on time schedule set in log)


the command always works from the device page, but not when the scheduler does the same call into the driver code. as you can see the scheduler tried to set it to 74, its report back is 73
if i got to the driver and put in 74 and set coolingsetpoint, it works everytime... and its the same code!

ev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.637 PMdebugThermostatSetPointReport...END
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.554 PMdebugthermostatSetpoint is 73
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.552 PMdebugthermostatSetpoint being set to 73
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.549 PMdebugIn ThermostatSetpointReport map is [value:73, unit:F, displayed:true, name:coolingSetpoint]
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.547 PMdebugvalue is 73 and unit is F
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.544 PMdebugsetpoint requested is 73 and unit is F
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.542 PMdebugcmdScale is F
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.540 PMdebugThermostatSetpointReport...START
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.538 PMdebugNew cmd: 'ThermostatSetpointReport(value:[73])'
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.536 PMdebugParsing 'zw device: 19, command: 4303, payload: 02 09 49 , isMulticast: false'
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:50.533 PMdebugParse...START
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:48.554 PMdebugcmds=[ThermostatSetpointSet(value:[74]), ThermostatSetpointGet()]
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:48.542 PMdebugsetCoolingSetpoint...END
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:48.540 PMdebugsetpoint written is 74.0
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:48.538 PMdebugsetpoint requested is 74.0
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:48.536 PMdebugprecision is 0
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:48.534 PMdebuglocationScale is F
dev:2312023-03-24 12:42:48.531 PMdebugsetCoolingSetpoint...START

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