Thermostat Scheduler, Disable seasonally or by some mode or by a manual "pause"

My goal is to stop the heat from coming on during the spring and fall seasons (in New England)

Specifically when the thermostat is set at 68, and during the evening the house drops to 66 or 67 but in an hour or two the outside temp will be in the high 70's I would prefer the heat not come on.

I could use the Away mode to seasonally enable the eco mode but that would eliminate the Away mode from its intended use.

Is there a way to programmatically accomplish this? My only other option is to manually reduce the setpoints every spring and fall.

BTW I've been using the Thermostat Schedule for some time now with absolutely no issues :slight_smile:


It would be nice to see either an app, or something built in.

In the absence of a dedicated app, I used Rule Machine and an outdoor temp sensor (weather) to do something like this. Mine is more meant to do changeover from heat to cool, but I think you could apply this basic logic.

This probably needs some fine tuning, and I should set it to "off" mode between the two temps. The rule works fine for the most part, but occasionally I have to override it. I think I added the boolean for something else, so you can probably ignore that.

I understand, thanks. I'll have to verify my thermostats remain off when the temperature is set.


You could write rules that change your Thermostat Scheduler settings, and have those rules be triggered on certain dates. This is the most direct way to automate seasons.

Thanks I'll look into changing them with a rule.

Is there / could there be a way to enable ECO mode without using the Away Mode?


This too can be done from a rule.

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