Thermostat Scheduler - Beheavour Under Rules - Answered


Currently have each zoned managed by a Thermostat Scheduler.

I have created a variable GUESTMODE=TRUE

When GuestMode changes to True

A Rule runs
Sets Thermostat Scheduler for Guest Bathrooms for each Mode to 22c
Sets Guest Bedrooms for each Mode 19c

Actually the temp varies slightly throughout the 4 House Modes, Morning, Day,Evening and NIght, with away set to 17c - Not that an Away Mode will ever happen while in Guest Mode.

Are these settings persistent?

ie will the standard zone Thermostat Scheduler overwrite these?

The next question is

How do I restore them back to the standard Zone Thermostat Scheduler?

It looks like the Rule to moderate the Thermostat Scheduler has to be applied every time the Mode changes.

So have created a rule that sets the Thermostat Scheduler on a trigger of every time Mode changes.

And another rule that triggers on variable GuestMode = True then enable the Thermostat Scheduler and another when GuestMode=False Pause the Rule.