Thermostat recommendations

Their customer service people are idiots. I tried talking to them once and the girl kept insisting that the unit was wifi and needed to connect to the internet and I kept explaining that's not how z-wave works and they eventually hung up on me. Very frustrating.

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can the Honeywell T6, be interlocked with a z-wave door sensor, and if so, can it be programmed to disable the air conditioning if the door is left opened too long, example 15 mins, Im looking for a solution for a rental property

You can do this with any thermostat and door/wndow sensor. Setup a rule in rule machine.


since this is a rental, I need a thermostat to display a message why it is disabled, example, "AC is OFF, Balcony door OPEN"

I'm not aware of any thermostat that allows you to display a custom message. You can however, using Hubitat, send a message to a device or display a message on a dashboard (on a phone, tablet, etc.).


Is there anyway to keep the second screen on all the time without having to press the screen? I love the thermostat, use your advanced driver but really would always like to see the setting the thermostat is set at without having to press the screen.

Setup a dashboard on a tablet mounted near the thermostat. You can run a kiosk app on the tablet to keep the dashboard open all the time.

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Our condo facility has 178 condos, near anyone has the same problem with rental leaving the balcony doors open, I get it when families are enjoying a vacation, however, as a owner it damages the the furniture and ac unit , the open door allows all the salt moisture in the condo. By shutting off the AC, the renters will keep the balcony closed once the condo get extremely hot inside, They learn quick to close the doors.

The goal is to find a solution, simple to add, not WIFI depended, no monthly fees, just local control, would be nice and preferred to have the message on the thermostat.

You’ll need to find a thermostat that permits a message to be displayed, and then write a Hubitat integration for it.

Or, use a Hubitat compatible thermostat and mount a tablet that is used to display messages next to it.

I will contact Honeywell support, maybe they have an option for a permissive/interlock

I don't think having a message like that is going to be available on any thermostat. As @jkudave says, probably a wall mounted tablet would be your best bet. Have a repeating notice displayed with an annoying sound to get attention.

Living room window left open for more than 5 mins. Shutting down AC until closed....beep beep beep beep...

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Any of the Ecobee thermostats that support the Ecobee door/window sensors have a
"pause when open" function. If the door is left open for longer than 5 or 10 minutes (don't remember exactly how long it is), the thermostat cuts off all heat and cool functions and displays a message. Close the door, and it starts up again. The sensors don't communicate with the thermostat via wifi, but I think they may require wifi to pair the first time.

I don't have any Ecobee door/window sensors myself, but my thermostat is always bugging me to get some.

I chatted with ecobee support, the ecobee cannot display a message as im sure you already know,, it does require the WIFI to be online in order for the "pause" function to work, in addition, it requires a monthly fee. only $5 a monthly but it does not provide the message anyway, so that will not work for my application

Again, I don't think you're gonna find a thermostat that will display that.

You won’t find a thermostat that does that in the zwave world. Among other things, there are no zwave command classes to display a user-specified message. So there’s at least one major technical impediment right there.

Zigbee is also a low bandwidth protocol, so it seems unlikely such a zigbee device exists either.

Your best option may be to get a custom Arduino thermostat with a programmable display. And use Hubduino to integrate it into Hubitat. Such a device would require local LAN access, but not cloud access.

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This group has awesome members, all willing to help. Just want to thank everyone support


Aha - here you go! The basics of what you need (locally controlled thermostat with a programmable display) exists. This will need to be finessed to work with Hubitat, but I’m very sure that can be done.

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Nice find! I didn't think it could be done.